Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Korim Project part 2

We are different, we are the same.
2 sides of the same coin, standing on its side.
Knowing that the other existed but not having the luxury of seeing you.
You bold you.
I have been casting out shadows to mark you.
You beautiful you.
Carving creative creations of yeasteryou.
My mission is to make like better for you.
Cause I never knew life until i met you.
But I am still trying to find you.
I look towards North stars in search of you.
I press my fingers inside your wounds,
trying to make sure that your words still hold true.
How could I have doubted you?
When slashes were added to your back I added salt.
When you were bleeding from your hands and feet I laughed.
You creator you.
I never knew love until I met you.
When I am scared you sing softly in my ear to sooth me.
And I thank you.
I will never understand you.
After everything I did to you.
You continue to speak on my behalf saying "forgive her for she knows not what she do".
The devil in me tried you.
I have mocked you, but were always true.
Remembering my face,
collecting my traces,
and you dies to save me.
Make me like you.
And I will me more than common.
Give me a new walk.
Convert my tongue to have a new talk.
Make my eyes transform to see you clearly.
Let me not be swayed by this world wizardry.
But let me hold wisdom's hand.
Give me enough strength to let go.
Help me walk through my burning sands.
Let me contain the faith that my mother instilled in me.
Oh how different a page from her eyes can be.
Please let me live out my family's history.
Let me be different from the world but the same with you.
I am ready for the introduction to the new me.

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