Friday, November 21, 2008


I am waiting for the moon,
to look me in the eyes and tell me,
"I am sorry",
cause that's the least he could do.
He has been casting death's reflection over me.
Making the devil come out of me.
I love when the "new you" appears causing me
to think that I have enough time to
snap back into the old me.
Snap back my angel wings.
Hoping to go back to my use to be.
When I felt like heaven was waiting for me.
When the world was lighter.
When my future was brighter.
When I think that you have forgotten about me.
I see a quarter of you peaking over the horizon o f my darker hues.
Being my sign that my hell will soon begin.
Being my sign that my hell will soon begin.
That's when my demons want me back again.
Satan whispers come back again.
Saying "That I'll be back again".
I tell him that I don't want to cause anymore pain,
but he is not listening and to think this all
began from my favorite breed of man.
Telling me, that biting me,
will enhance what he was doing to me.
But the only thing that learned to savor
is an unquenchable thirst to break hearts and its killing me.
I use to have enough control over my intellect
to not enjoy torching yours,
but it bothers me that men think
that women don't understand the game.
They seem to have forgotten who was the
first to deceive man into eating the fruit of knowledge.
Eve was the first and I wont be the last.
Last I checked the ruler of this world was me,
Constantly casting shadows on men's ego's.
Stroking their familiars to make them remember where home is.
I am so good that I could take ....
you, if i wanted to.
Make you bleed for me,
strictly voluntary,
just to make my happy.
I wish I could render null and void the hands of time,
take back whats mine.
Wish I could reclaim possession over my
body and mind wishing the life line of my
victims didn't taste so engaging.
And I want to let you in on a little secret...
Dahmer has nothing on me.
I have bodies stacked in my wake and counting
I dont pick my prey, my prey picks me.
And I have tried to stop myself,
but how do you stop what you are?
How do you kill want lives in your vains?
I wish I could be like you.
Not scared of full moons,
dancing to hypnotic beats that
turn me into your worst nightmare.
As I howell at the moon.
I curse what I have become,
waiting for you to come around to corner.


Shelle said...

ummm are you sure you weren't a vampire in a previous life ms lady?

J. Phoenix said...

you know I could have been... some days I wonder.