Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Promise.

When you kiss the moon dust
off of her love drunken eyes,
turn her over,
make love to her until she
cries into multiple organisms.
Put your finger at the small of her back
and marvel at all the good things she has
stored for you.
Look into her eyes as you slowly enter her,
physically and mentally.
You will kiss her tears as they flow down
her cheek for you;
make love to her as if you were
giving the last of you.
When you finally let her rest,
watch her as she lays naked in your arms.
The moon will glow so bright that night,
making the sun grown in envy
at not being able to see you at your finest.
You will mark time with her smiles
and you always call it a blessing
to have the ability to catch her
just in case she misses
her footing on the way to your heart.
You will write her name first,
your last name second just so you can
physically hold forever in your hands.
You will shout at the top of your lungs
in a room, where no one else is present but you
and your insecurities and promise that this
woman will be the one that will make you
proud to be a man, her man.
You will place her palm in yours,
get on that knee that has been heavy lately.
You will tell her ,
your life has never been the same since she
stumbled into your chest cavity.
You will tell her that you have been blessed
beyond measure
and you wouldn’t mind if you could spend
forever with her.
She will cry,
that same stunning cry that you have waited for
since you realized what good love was.
She will walk to you in the mist of family and
friends and while everyone watches her,
she will be watching you
she will whisper I love you
and you will melt in front of everyone
your emotion will leave you weightless.
Soon she will carry your seeds,
her hips, stomach and nose will spread like
second chances and you will call her beautiful
and you will mean it……
And when all of these things happen,
you will smile and think of me.
You will strive to be the best man for her that
you just couldn’t be for me.
And when you sit in old rocking chairs,
holding the weathered hand of a love that you
never thought your heart could hold…
you will say thank you
and I will say you’re welcome.

Monday, February 8, 2010

She is gone but not forgotten...

Bunny was loved by so many and so much was said about her I don't want to sound like a repeat box (if that even exist) I just want to say I loved her and she was the best.... Me and Jomar performed at 501 Studios for Shannon Leigh Tribute... and she thought that we were good enough to be in a pilot she was working on... that fell through but she never stopped believing in us. I only got to know her two years and I had no idea how many lives she really touched... she was beyond amazing and I was there the night of her last performance... we all knew she was sick but she was giving Cancer a run for its money... I check out her facebook page everyday just to know that I am not the only one missing her... Austin Poetry Slam is hosting a Memorial/ Party for Gabrielle homecoming on Sunday, 2/21/2010. I think that it will start at 7 or 8. Please check Austin Poetry Slam for more details... people from all over the country are coming to send our girl off right.. i may even take a shot of whiskey. (she is laughing at that one). Anyway I just wanted to share my thoughts.. I miss you girl. See you soon.

"What are you waiting for" -Gabby