Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Untitled Love

He’s so sweet and good. I can’t let him go.
So I think he slipped me a mikki….
Came in four letters L.O.V.E….
I slipped him something back in three I.O.U… an apology
I am sorry that I got caught up in my own world.
Didn’t realize you had one we could both fit in.
Hands can’t hold tight to something that I forgot was mine.
Eyes sigh still at the thought of how happy you make them.
Studying your breathing is precious... beyond price.
Never thought souls were made in pairs.
Souls still grieving, but your hand to hold makes
A angel passing feel more like multiple paper cuts
than sledge hammers aimed at my chest.
Left ring finger never felt the weight of its purpose till today.
I Chased time to catch glimpse of your sweetness,
but you were too much for him to handle.
You made me bite into fruit, eyes are open. No turning back now..
I fall in love with you every time the sun rises and falls on your exquisite face.
Sand flows through fingers like bad relationships do.
Foundations built with you in mind.
God thought enough of me to make you.
Dreams sometimes find me because they found the peace in the pieces you decided to take care of.
Peace is something I thought was meant for child like stories and tall tales
But it was meant for this day... And this day
We are not completed but enhanced.
Breaking barriers of misplaced fears
And crowed rooms of doubt.
We have cleared enough space for forever...
Grateful we decided our souls were good for each other.
Glad I can share this day, this life, this moment... With you.
Sunsets are still my favorite part of the day.
You are my favorite part of the day.
In love with the moments to come.
I can't let him go.

Saturday, December 12, 2009



Presented by the Texas Youth Word Collective

EVENT: They Speak Youth Poetry Slam
DATE & TIME: Saturday, December 19th, 2009, 4 pm
ADMISSION: $5 cover,
PLACE: The Independent
501 Studios
501 Brushy Street
Austin, Texas 78702
CONTACTS: Tova Charles (512) 963-8292, Project Coordinator
Dr. Sheila Siobhan (512) 422-6653, Co-Director
E-Mail: u21slam@yahoo.com
Website: www.txywc.org

Okay. Santey’s right around the corner and Christmas Break is almost here. There is no telling the kind of gifts you will get come Christmas day: electric socks, Atari (because someone thought that you would enjoy something retro; laugh if you want but it happens), and, of course, the perennial fruit cake (the present that gets regifted EVERY year!). Before you even receive those gifts you are going to take back to the mall to exchange for the cool stuff, give yourself a cool gift before Christmas. Bring your friends and head over to The Independent for the They Speak Youth Poetry Slam for a big shiny box of lyrics and imagery and substance; things you can use every day of the year. Long after the first toy is broken and the first report is due in history, the pictures and messages these young poets provide will be cranking your thinking machine.

So, we invite you to come help us continue to launch this, our 8th season of the city wide youth poetry slam,, the They Speak Youth Poetry Slam See what all the excitement is about and be inspired by the voices and leaders of tomorrow. Those participants between the ages of 13 and 19 will be eligible to compete for a spot on the team we take to Brave New Voices 2010 in the home of the stars, the City of Angels, Los Angeles, California

Please come for a night of stirring, thought-provoking poetry. This project is funded in part by the City of Austin through the Cultural Arts Division and by a grant from the Texas Commission on the Arts.