Tuesday, November 18, 2008


She sits here.
Trying to make sense about being here,
and she come up with no solution.
No way to explain why her heart decided to take her down this road.
Why the man her soul desires is bound to another.
She wanted to see him like a brother but
her heart was always bothered by the way he looked at her.
How their late night fire side chats always lead to
something that neither of them bothered to ponder would happen.
I guess they always knew.
Broadcasting their true feeling was not necessary,
cause when you saw them together you can see
the stab wounds on her side and the
poison intertwining down his spine.
Star cross lovers just waiting for their time to not feel ashamed about their feeling.
Straining to be in this world pretending that can exist without the other,
feeling ribs collapsing because they don’t have the support of the other.
Hoping for validation that will never come,
keeping their true feelings alive with lies,
How could she have settled for this?
She wanted so much more but all she has come up with is some other women’s leftovers.
They tried to stay away from each other.
Almost making is though their invisible heartache,
But almost doesn’t count and they are no exception.
They have accepted their orders and have deployed themselves in each other’s arms.
Ready for the war at hand.

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