Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Sometimes I love broken....
uneven in dark lines of selfishness..
I want to be better
Shadows tried to make me feel comfortable...
but sticky corners have never left me easy
I never wanted to love you
broken down
parts of me are answered in riddles
I don't know what I am doing
moving life close to yours makes me scared
I don't make decisions very well
loving you hard makes me not want to love at all
but I cant
i wont stop
they leave me heavy
need bulemic like hugs with you
I cant understand the distance
I need you close to me
in me
breath me
love me
All I wanted for you to do i love me...
I need you to hold me.
make my yesterdays quiver at the very presence of you...
I want you to be present when you make love to me..
Don't be in the moment
be forever making plans with me...
I left me sure things to be left unstable...
Sit down at round tables and make babies with me...
I need to carry your seed so we can grow together..
I need you forever...
I need us together...
make this last or leave me alone..