Sunday, November 16, 2008

For my Angel....

Thank you for the free therapy sessions....
Keep spiting my angel.
Karving Kaves are not the only thing that you are good at.
Keeping beautiful what the world deems ugly.
Kind eyes weaken me, make me love you more.
Karefully hold my heart in your hands and help my beat stay steady.
Oh i am so ready for my awakening.
Opening my chest to hold in what I call my everything.
Objectively standing there,
braiding your hair with my yesterday's fingers to enjoy our new future.
Overly ready to jump in to make me better,
you have made me better. Thank you.
Only you have seen me for me and I don't who that is
but I thank you for my new journey.
Re-doing what was blurred.
Re-building what was broken.
Radiantly, shinning on what was the darker side of me,
you made me see me. I love you
Reminding me that you should love you, cause i love you, and asking me don't you love you. Ready to now answer you, yes I love you but now i have learned to love me more.
I love that I love life so hard that if i hugged it hard enough I just might break its back.
I am perfect despite my flaws.
I have been thought to feel flowers cause you can find God in mere pedals.
I know that I could never repay you for what you have added to my history.
Including you in my growing dictionary, all i have left to give you is me.
Make melodies with my heartstrings.
Mind my excess baggage but i know that you can work through them.
Mark me so all that see me know that you live in me.
Moving me to places that I thought was gone.
Making our home, in what I call my everything.

1 comment:

Shelle said...

indeed indeed...K-O-R-I-M
yet you too love are an angel, as well