Wednesday, August 13, 2008

To Mothers everywhere

Dear Mommy, I know you didn't just merely appear out of thin air, live on this earth for a while, telling me what I can and cannot do and then continue your journey to its next great adventure. But on the contrary you have being living to give their very best to your children and even to the world and you are never worried if you will receive some great reward for your deeds, but you just did what you had to do because it was your nature, and if you had to do it all over again, you would, just to see the smile on my face.
I don't know if the memo got to you but, God has built a museum titled "His BEST Work" and in it there is a Hall of the bravest and strongest women that have walked this earth and Eve, the mother of us all, is its Keeper, her charge is to watch over every animated portrait, that even Hogwarts would boast about, and she makes sure that every piece is eye level from one another so that they can share their stories on triumphs and failures so that the new pieces that are added to the collection will be better than the last. Above the exhibit there is a marquee that says "Watch and Listen because these women have dined on great of wisdom and would love to share their plate with you."
Hallmark has made a mockery of the day we are suppose to honor you in attempts to make you feel special. We regurgitate out our I love you's and thank you's just to say that we made it on time, they have boxed you into 24 hours to make sure that you feel honored, but you tell you the truth, it would be the marathon of my life just to express everything that cards and gift attempted to do just to show you that my very breathing requires instructions from you, and this world still needs you so you can usher along all the future her stories that have not been told yet. Your name shall be tattooed on my tongue so that the very being of who I am could not contain itself, automatically spilling out praised to you, and helping the people I meet on my own journey to know that they are beautiful just like you and that they deserve so much better out of this life like you do too .
The bond that holds us together is strong enough to piece together stars to make the most beautiful consolations and without you in my life they would on make rather boring simple shapes. I have been hook on this drug called a mother's love for 23 years and I have been getting my friends have been getting high too just because they are near you. Your love and care for me has brought me up to St. Elmo's peak just looking down at those who were not a fortunate to meet you and now I have your love pumped into me with IV's just to continually have an never ending supply of your constant quest in me search for love, life and liberty.
Your resume could never fit on one page of what you do for me. Your Jamaican profile includes but not limited to: a doctor, a lawyer, a taxi driver, a bank teller, a psychologist, a butler, a cook, even a parole officer and any other jobs that may come up in your lifetime and you would do it all with a smile (sometimes) and to your credit amazement you never stopped loving me but I never tried you too much because you even though you ran the world with a heart of Gold , your fist of steel was not too far behind, but your heart never lost its value and your iron was tough but it never rusted away and I knew that you were always going to be here to stay. I still marvel at the range of your emotions, how in one mine we could be at each other throats about me "stealing my own car" and the next you were crying because I was flying away on a 747 and you were praying that I would come back with the same "handle with care" sticker that you put on my back when I was not looking. Thank you for spreading your wings to protect my heart and dreams from the harsh reality of this world…. I would not be the woman I am without you being there to mold the unshaped clay that God gave you. This is for you Cynthia Ann Joshua Charles for being my everything and being the mural I walk past in the Greatness Mothers Hall of Fame.

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