Wednesday, August 13, 2008

For My Prince in Iraq

As I look on the years of my life and I reflect on the thing that I have seen. I wonder if my life is even reflective of what is going on in the world today. I sit in a class room and learn how to make money for top dollar corporations when I receive my degree. When I make my millions, who in the world will be affected by my success but me? When I die will anyone remember the great merger that I brought forth that made my bosses billionaires. While I think about what law school I will be going to in the fall, I never stop to think about people around the world that don't have time to think about college but about how they are going to find food for the day or praying that they will live through the day. I complain that I have not gotten all my books yet for school but there are people who could not make it out of middle school before their tribes were butchered to death by their own tribesmen. While I stress out about finals in May, there will be people that will be afraid to walk in their town's market because they do not know if that will be the day that they are blown away by a suicide bomber. I pray for the princes and princesses of Iraq, who put their lives on the line not because they want to but because it is their duty to protect their country from an invisible enemy. The enemy doesn't have a name or a face, but it is the land of the country and even the government is one that can not be trusted. As Our king stays on his throne and makes his orders he never once goes into to battle as the kings of the past have done before but he stays in the safety of his kingdom while others die for his money influenced war. I have my own prince over their fighting for his life. He is scared and feels alone. There is only so much that I can do because we are so far away but I try to give him hope and let him know that everything will be ok. I know that I am trying to encourage him, but I am trying to encourage me as well. Letting him know that everything will be ok is just not enough anymore. I want to tell him how I really feel and tell him that I will always be here for him and that the love I have for him can not be put away because he think that he owes people things that they don't deserve. When I go to sleep at night I think of him. When I wake up he is the first thing on my mind. When I dream of my wedding day I only see his face. He is with someone, but I know that he doesn't love her. I know that he loves me and I just don't know how to break him out of this spell. I know that my prince just needs to have a good slap to see the error of his ways. Now I know that they know at least one guy in their lives that they thought got away but mine is not gone yet and I will get my man before it is all said and done. To my prince, you are my heart and soul and I know that God will give you back to me and will protect you while you "defeat the enemy". I will be here waiting for you to come home…… Love J

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