Wednesday, August 13, 2008


So when I wrote this piece I only had you in mind.
I know that this may sound silly, but being with you is like ice cream on a summer's day
Or licking you with not restrictions like the month of May, you just taste right.
And I have been imprisoned by you.
Because the mere thought of you makes me committee criminal acts just to get back
To that Hollywood smile of yours, you using those 22 gravity defining muscles just to
Transmit your hidden I love you's and every time you do that… Yeah that.
My heartstrings sing sweet songs of loves victory over me.
Those same songs try to use my vocal chords to record what my mind has played over scores of music sheets,
but this melody will never be played.
Me being to afraid of what it may cause our friendship and these roots that you have entrenched in my riverbanks are so deep.
That if they tried to pruned you I would prune too.
I would not want to live in a world that would not know you.
So my next action would be to call up Belleview.
Request a room with an ocean view so I can throw my sorrows in to the ocean deep and it would seep into the space the use to be me.
All I would be able to do is hug my self to console myself and
I would swallow any key that would have led me to a somewhat respectable sanity
And it would taste like candy because without you here with me on my journey
I would be as good as crazy….And if crazy is what you looking for...
Then I have developed two sides of it, just in case one of me is not enough to love you then the other me will tag me in just to catch up on the loose ends.
See with out you next to me I would not know what was right for the left of me
You were the only one that saw the good in me and
The truth in your eye makes me really see what the reflection of me will always really be.
So I officially yours,
I have been signed off to the man that has turned my weakest moments
Into distant memories and now I am on solid stone and we are now bone to bone.
Where you loving me and me loving you will never go to remote homes,
But will stay right here
And I know that our love does not make sense to the world.
But the dimes from the times that our souls have intertwined
Has made our pocket fill with 100's, 20's and 50's
making us the envy of this years Forbs list
So come with me and I will show you were Jilly says butterflies rest easy
And you have permission to use me until you can't stand me because you are and will forever be my sanctuary

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