Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Poetry needs me

I spit because it needs me.
This is not a game but it is simple elementary.
You see I don't say words for your applause or the melodic tempo of you approval
But because God has put this in me, sometimes I feel like the prophet Jeremiah was speaking to me when he said, " I can for get the LORD and no longer speak his name, but his word is inside me like a burning fire, shut up in my bones. I wear myself out holding it in and I can not do it any longer.
I spit because it feeds me.
When I sit down at my fake desk and I listen to my people before me.
They are screaming at me, pushing me to move forward.
They tell me to remember your mother who laid on her back in the belly of the beast to the land of the free.
They tell me to remember to look down when Ol' Masta passes by, never look him in the eyes, just fix your mind on the colored only sign and please… please make sure that you are in before nine. I look over the horizon to see my people crossing over that freedom bridge singing " We shall over come" only to be met by the good Ol' boys in blue ready to PROTECT the White ideals of what is right and SERVING the DEVIL himself. As I look up at the great oak tree I here the whispers from my fathers hanging from the great oak tree, with their hands bound and their burned do this in remembrance of me.
I spit because you need me.
I have been quite for too too long and you have talked your self into believing that I never existed. You tried to forget about me. You said that she was just a myth, created by the powers that be to strike fear into all that believes that she was sent to wipe away all the old shit and usher in the new. But I came to tell you that I have been freed from the inner prison that Tova put me in. I am not the girl who would never speak her minds peace. I am the PHONEIX who has come out of the ashes of despair to save you. So I just wanted to say Thank you for your presence but rest now because the PHONEIX is here…

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