Monday, July 27, 2009

My City.....

My city is on fire,
and I have doused it with so much kerosene
that I am afraid that I have incinerated her soul.
There is no heaven for our concrete angles,
don’t worry I have goggled it.
Searching for lost souls only comes up
with ones that didn’t want to be found
in the first place.
She keeps gasping for the air
that I am trying to save out of her,
she is not taking her salvation well,
This is my gift, weighed in as my curse.
Making me her grim reaper,
but everyone must play their part.
She will not be an exception to execution,
there will be no laugh reels
just tears to marking the end of her blinding pain
this will be her forced peace,
resting in between aborted dreams and misplaced prayers,
both she could never hold tightly to.
Putting her back together will be punishable by death,
her death will be vital.
Besides, I love it when she is melting,
Her smoke reminds me of freedom
Infernos rise from her wings touching my heart
and I need to believe that this is for the best.
She thinks that I hate her but little does she know
that my signs of cruelty are to save the city
that I remember being my home.
I can no longer stand idly by as they continue
to build skyscrapers in her downtown
and call her price of living reasonable.
Change her Ghettos to Urban Living and call it progress.
making what she thought was weird into commercial.
I would rather her become a burnt sacrifice to the Gods
than some rich man’s bitch.
For those who see me standing here
with burnt matches
I dare you to judge me.
You are not there when her tears become so much
that they have washed away the
things that her hands have made.
Constantly standing at the witches stake to prove her innocence.
Tell me how you would feel to watch your only friend become a victim of money
Watch as they drill holes in her core and plant roots of instability
She is already dying, I am just making sure that she
has enough soul left to remember what heaven looks like
So I finally release you, look away from this world
and remember the good times.
Remember when you use to be home.

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