Thursday, July 23, 2009

From BNV and beyond.

So I just came back from BNV ( Brave New Voices to all those that have been a hole for the past year) which was held in Chicago, IL. These are all my opinion so if you get mad ... I really dont care. ( That has been my attitude lately). So I am going to start with the positive... The Program Driector Workshops were GREAT!!!!!... I learned alot and met some great people that are in the same mindframe as me ( to change the world, one youth at a time). The poets that I have met have truly changed my life. I thank you all for being so helpful on my journey. ok so to the stuff that I didnt like... SLAM ... SLAM... SLAM.... !!!!!!!! AHHHHHHH!!!!!! So here is to explain my anger. Slam is not for the weak of heart and in this slam game, anything can happen which includes cheating and things just not being fair. When you get into slam you are told that its not about the point but the poetry... and I think that is a load of crap. If it was all about the poetry and not the point then what is the point of slam and If you are trying to make a point with the youth that EVERYONE's words are important than you would not have SLAM be the Focus of the Festival and you would have Open Mics all week. I saw a YOUTH salm get ugly and look alot like NATS ( when I go the West Palm Beach.. this will be my first nationals... but I know people and competition so... I know how nats is going to go) My babies from NEW York were treated like trash and people can say what they want, those kids have feeling and I have never seen artist pour out their hearts on a stage like that... ( in my eyes the semi final bout with Urban Word, Leeds, Seattle, and Ft. Laurderdale was my FINALS.... real talk. I love SLAM and the point matter just as much as the poetry to me, if you get your feeling hurt because of SLAM then there is always a open mic waiting for you... For all the people that participated in BNV and have no idea what I am talking about then too bad for you.. for everyone else you know what happened and I will always protect mine.... even if it from others that are suppose to be their protectors. ANYWAY.... now that is off my chest. I have one more week until Nationals. I am so happy that it is around the corner. My team are truly God sent.. I love every last one of them... I am so proud to call them teammates and friends. I dont think that they will ever know how much I love them... really. anyway I have to get back to work.. but keep your pen hand strong and look for Team NEO Soul in Florida. love T.

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say it girl!!!
psst proud of you by the way