Monday, July 27, 2009

Lover's past.

We were the star cross lovers of old.
Making love in fields of galaxies as
if we were trying to rebirthing humanity.
I was love
You were life.
We were everything and anything that sounded like beautiful.
We would play in Milky ways
Holding our breath as if the heavens
were trying to steal our names.
Because it was…
Time just wanted to take back our joy because
it was jealous of our morning glow.
But I guess you let her win, cause we began to change.
Venus became your lover to feed your beast of lust,
but you were never satisfied.
You consumed every planet that would open its legs
and you never stopped searching for more.
We grew tired of holding our ever breaking bond,
But I never thought you would let go,
Without so much as giving me a net to fall into
I have been watching you,
bouncing through constellations as if you
thought I would take joy in chasing you,
but I am tired of running.
The trails of your absence are so beautiful
that I have forgotten to morn your passing
I know you are not dead but I know that we are
and performing CPR on still lungs has left me exhausted.
I planted my feet firmly in soil that still harvest my pain
but at the same time using these
callused hands to hold a once mended heart,
broken far too many time to find the pieces to make it whole again.
I have started looking for your stardust in day skies,
Hoping you left some pattern of your goodbye this time.
Your luminosity that I once revered,
Now lies in darkness , hiding from me
as if you were playing hide and go seek with the sun
I attempt to forget the gaping hole you left into
my once clear night sky but
I will always feel vacant.
So, give me back the 9,184 nights that you hid
the light of the moon from me,
the 700 I’m sorry’s that are just as
worthless as the day you said them,
the 200 I love you’s that regurgitated from your lips
and rest with pleasure in the back of my throat
and the 1 mind that I have lost
but will reclaim again soon.
Soon you will no longer see my star shine so bright
or be able to cast stones in the image of my manifestations.
I will dance by sunlight,
bath in its warmth,
smile at blue skies and
finally understand the conversations of clouds.
As soon as figure out how to I let you go.

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