Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day 3

When I die can they bury me in your smile?
Trace me in the wave patterns of your hand,
Move me in your stomach until you are filled with me.
I can’t dream about having you tomorrow,
When there are so many things I want to do to you now.
Like I want to hold the burden of your last name,
Carve your fears in my womb so I can birth you hope.
Can you hold my hand through a miracle?
I know Jesus turned water into wine,
But can you turn me into your wife.
Don’t be too big of a man to not need me.
I make this task so easy.
How dare you shield yourself away from me?
There are flashing lights in your hand,
Don’t be so blind to miss them.
When I ask for your hand it is not just to lead you into dark rooms,
But for parks and plays,
I want to show you music that can vibrate your spine.
Sing you into me.
Play me moans in the key of G.
You will never leave empty.
Your stomach still growls my name when you’re hungry.
And will not be as often as you think.
We will be a timeless and boom sticks waiting to be jumped over.
So when I ask you if love is a possibility.
Do not watch sand drift between us.
This will not become a trilogy by just reading each other mind.
Hoping that the other will not figure out that our baggage
 is too much for any one person to handle.
That the weight we carry is easier for two to share.
Our love will not just break headboards but we will force time to stand still.
Cause all we asked for is each other.
Even when we didn’t know each other yet. 

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