Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Moon dust.

When you kiss the moon dust off of her love drunken eyes….
Once you finally can trace every curve of her body and know that she saved everything good about her for you.
When you touch her and hear her moans cascade through your ear drums…
You will realize they will never be as deafening as the once I released when you left me.
No matter how hard you press inside her doesn’t mean she will turn into diamonds.
Loosen your grip on the bed sheets.
Look her in the eyes, that’s the least you could do since you can’t stop seeing my face.
We seem to orgasm in octaves
You will cum inside of her and apologize for all the shit you did to me.
You will cry in her arms and she will mistake it for love…
She will see you as a beautiful dream come true that she can carve in her trunk like soul.
But most times trees have no idea where they are planting their roots.
All the same, when you kiss the moon dust off of her love drunken eyes…
She will thank no to one in particular …. And I will say your welcome.

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