Thursday, August 26, 2010

Summary of National ... and then some.

Looking back on the 2010 National Poetry Slam I call it as a bittersweet memory... on one had I got to work with some talented writer and performer and meet the same. I finally got to perform an indie and helped my team get to semi (YAY!!!) I watched my former team and current family ( Neo Soul Slam Team) make it to final stage... Fyi that should have been us last year but anyway... I loved all the people I met and even the ones that I am going to met in the future... I truly felt like a sophomore in high school .. didn't feel like the new kid but def was not the upperclassman running the school... I guess my time will come when I am the one people are looking for to take pictures with and know what inspires me as a writer... OHHHHH and how could I forget talking about the SNO team ( Team New Orleans) I know that my city is in good hands with that bunch... In short ( ha like I can do anything in short but my height) I had a great experience and I cant wait to experience Iwps and Wowps..... I am working on some new stuff and when I get it off paper they are going to KILL... ( well I hope not really cause that would be bad .. I mean who am I going to get scores from if everyone is dead) ... anyway .. Now I am in Houston in school to do this poetry thing full time and get a decent salary for it.. I love all of my teachers but the Great Financial Aid has not kicked in yet so I am alittle nervous but I know that everything will work out as it should... I cant wait to have this degree... soo I am going to have to end this short.. but I will keep you all posted on my comings and goinnings... I think that is how you spell it. anyway talk to you all soo ( or type to you all soon)

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