Tuesday, May 5, 2009

This is for my mom.

Creases in weathered skin
Causing wisdom to get stuck in between laugh lines and secret heartaches.
Capturing a life that very few could follow.
Yearning to be the savior of her children.
Yielding to his will, but being strong to accept it.
Young at heart but soul has lived lifetimes before.
Never once thought about her first and us second.
Needles pricking through thick skin, bleeding her truth for us to learn from her mistakes.
Needing her children’s love to make it through long work days and empty dinners.
Taking time to cover us from a scorching sun that wanted to devour our dreams.
Tough times tried to break her, but breaking through diamonds was never easy.
Tova and Jazz will always be our mother’s daughters. Always.
Hiding behind smiles was her super power, they defeated many of my demons.
Holding hands with her has not only made me a better person but a better woman.
Hands that cling to her prayers as to never lose them.
I pray that I am half the mother you are…
I wish that I had your strength.
I love you more than this poem will be able to let you know.
Always striving to be better.
Always trying to make heaven your home.
Always will be there with open arms, to love us, even we can’t love ourselves.
Thank you for giving us life.
Love Tova and Jazz.

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Cynthia Charles Asst. Dean said...

Thank you so much my dear! This is absolutely beautiful! The best Mother's Day present I've ever received besides that paper teapot with the tea bag stapled inside it that you made at school when you were about 6 or seven & the little gold plaque that Jazz gave me when she was little(I still have both of them)!

Words cannot express all the love, concern and prayers I will always have for both of you. No matter where life may take us now or in the future, I will always be your MOM!!!

***Love and prayers always***