Thursday, May 14, 2009

Neo Slam Team

Dear God:

Thank you for bringing me this far and never letting me go. Thank you for my team mates
EB: SLAM CHAMP... you were my first SHEro
CUZ SARAH: you fought hard for this. you deserve this team.
DR. MD: Thank you for hanging in there and still believing in NEO
Jomar: OHHHHHH BABY Look at where your words put you.
J Phoenix: Thank you for letting me stand in your shadow until I found my voice. I think that I am ok to stand on my own.

( I am retiring the name J. Phoenix, she served her purpose.)

Welcome to the 2009 Neo Soul Team... EAT EM!!!!


Shelle said...

amen!! so proud of all of ya

Cynthia Charles said...


Mama Charles