Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Just me and Jon

The College dropout missed the late registration
which encumbered his matriculation, maturation, graduation
Which left his heart beat breakin'
like an 808 over the snare there's the bass then
The kick drum
They kicked him
out West
so he could manifest
his destiny
it's best that he
confess the need
to love his worst and best cause see
his vespers be like restless seeds
In need of Marys breasts to rest and feed
Showing that dark shades can’t shield his needs.
Countless women can’t heal
the feelings that he has left on his sleeves.
I feel bad for him,
cause all the money in the world
can’t bring his mother back to him.
I have tried crying for him
But eyes wide shut don’t produce to many tears
And over the years he has created this charter
That many can penetrate, his addition has left him in such a crack music state.
And black music states
that the Blueprint to these Life and Times
aretrifling rhymes,
you with Reasonable Doubt
About our ability to reason
which leaves white folk feeling
we're just agility and jumping
hov'ing and heaving
American Gangsters is the Dynasty
and legacy we're conceding
Until Kingdom Come
and the Black Album shows
that we been Kings and Queens
Longer than we been ho's and heathens
Harlots carrying around forbidden semen.
Judas and Brutus with backstabbing seasons.
We will be more than stars.
More than our fancy car,
house that we can’t pay the taxes fo’
I know that we are trying to live better than the average men.
Holding out open hands, for the white man can carry on his scam.
We try to do better, cleaning off dirty faces with soiled towels
We will never cut the lines from family.
We will never be comfortable hanging from the trees from our future seeds.
It Was Written I am God's son
so the future needs
Us to start believing
And stand Firm. The summer breeze and
Winds and change seem to lead
to better thangs
We gone need the Street Disciple to fight
just as much as we might
need the preacher to preach and the choir to sang
On the streets of Decatur I acquired the slang
and you don't have to be Nostradamus to see the fire and rain
they say Hip Hop is Dead but they a liar I bring
Lazarus out the tomb so I know I can exhume
the corpse, bring a hearse, breath a verse
that will reverse the curse until the N Word is retired for kings
and queens who live beyond their means.
Trying to reach for the finer things but
Coming back with scandalous things
Scandalous beings who can care less about
Changing things but have become our
ancestors nightmares at best
causing their rest to be disturbed
by the new beat that we drum too.
You see I am guilty of being swayed by the Devil’s hands
His claps have been the cause of my hips moving and
My common sense losing.
Common Sense is not so common
because life has gotten so confusing
an Electric Circus where you work with
Clowns the smile through their frowns
with no idea of what they're doing
but One Day it'll all Make Sense
the presence of the Renaissance Resurrection
Is always looming
I think we've all been assuming that it all has been for profit
it's like selling Water for Chocolate
it's hard to Borrow a Dollar when Creflo won't let go
it seems like even the prophets have turned the sanctuary into a market
I seek sanctuary so stop it, see
I'm looking for a space to park it and just Be me
A place where I can free my mind body and soul
I'm Finding that Forever it's been Universal Mind Control.

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