Tuesday, June 22, 2010

been gone a while

I have been wearing many hats these days and blogger just have not been one of them... lol. From moving to coaching to being on a team.. i am doing alot but it is all worth it. Learning alot about myself and the people around me this summer that I never thought I would learn. I and constructing a better me and last night I became resolved to go natural.. now my 3 best friends have one eyebrow lifted cuase I said I was never going the way of the natural... but at this time in my life I would want nothing more.. I am tired of having to have straight hair for feel pretty or love.. you must think that it is silly to equaite love with how your hair looks.. but there is nothing like the feeling of getting a fresh perm .. the movement, the softness, i dare say it is better than sex... I use to be there every 6 weeks... then I pushed it to every 8 weeks... now I am tired of waisting money on styles that dont last.. I have been getting perm at least before I was 5 so I am ready to see what god really gave me... I know that my hair is thick but I am in need of change and what perfect way to start anew than with your hair. I am beginning to fall in love with myself and it is a weird feeling but I am taking everything in and letting go of dead ends.


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Shelle said...

i LOVE it...i went through this process too, at a point in my life where change was needed...my hair, at the time, was the only thing i could control...it was one of the best choices i have ever made. you do learn alot about yourself, as you deal with the relationship with your hair...sorta interesting correlation i would say.
enjoy love...maybe some pretty flowers are in store for your mane :)