Monday, February 8, 2010

She is gone but not forgotten...

Bunny was loved by so many and so much was said about her I don't want to sound like a repeat box (if that even exist) I just want to say I loved her and she was the best.... Me and Jomar performed at 501 Studios for Shannon Leigh Tribute... and she thought that we were good enough to be in a pilot she was working on... that fell through but she never stopped believing in us. I only got to know her two years and I had no idea how many lives she really touched... she was beyond amazing and I was there the night of her last performance... we all knew she was sick but she was giving Cancer a run for its money... I check out her facebook page everyday just to know that I am not the only one missing her... Austin Poetry Slam is hosting a Memorial/ Party for Gabrielle homecoming on Sunday, 2/21/2010. I think that it will start at 7 or 8. Please check Austin Poetry Slam for more details... people from all over the country are coming to send our girl off right.. i may even take a shot of whiskey. (she is laughing at that one). Anyway I just wanted to share my thoughts.. I miss you girl. See you soon.

"What are you waiting for" -Gabby

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